Seeing When You Pray, Aug. 19, 2007

Psalms 35

It’s very important to see and hear what God is doing.

1. See God as my defender (v.1)
  – personify my enemies (debt, lust, poor self image, etc.)

2. See God standing up (v.2)
  – coming to my defense

3. See God blocking away the enemy (v.3)
  – as the enemy chases me, God will step between us

4. See God speaking to me
  – God stops the enemy and turns to me to say, “I am Yeshua, your Deliverer, look to Me.”

5. See your enemies confused and disarrayed (v.4)
  – literally to stumble and humiliate
  – the enemy’s plan is turned back against him

Note: Don’t make your enemies people (mother, father, friend, etc.)

6. See angels working on your behalf (v.5-6)

  – God wants to turn the table and God’s angels come and go after the enemy harassing and dogging the enemy pushing him violently.