Preparing For Increase, Jan 27, 2008

Preparing For Increase
John 6:5-14

God operates logically, but His logic is above our logic. He operates in principles.

5 Princicples of increase:
1. You have to know that you have a need (v.5)
  Some people have a need, but don’t know it (even Christians)
  Some people simply don’t have a need – complacent, comfortable, don’t need change

2. God will test you before the increase comes (v.5-6)
  Increase isn’t automatic, before increase comes, there’s always a test
  What if I fail the test? No problem, you get to take it again

3. God works through partnerships (v.8-9)
  First is me and God – through prayer (James 4:2 “…You do not have, because you do not ask God”)
  James 4:8 “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you”. God’s waiting on us to act first.
  We also need better partnerships in life

4. There has to be a plan to facilitate the increase (v.10-11, Luke 9:14-15)
  Sometimes God wants to bless us, but he can’t because we’re not ready for it. We tend to get what we’re ready for
  If God gives us what we’re not ready for, then it could actually hurt us
  We tend to act in a manner consistent with our self-concept (if we think we can’t, then we won’t)
  I need to change my “poor me” attitude

5. God hates waste (v.12)
  God doesn’t want anything in my past wasted, everything’s got a purpose
  I can use my past pain to help others in the same pain
  When bad things happen, don’t waste it, but find the purpose for it and use it to help others
  If I’m going to have new fruit in my life, I’m going to need to sow new seeds

Number Our Days Part 3, Jan 20, 2008

Number Our Days, Pt.3
Ps. 90:12
– Every day we’re looking for wisdom

T.I.M.E. acronym continued
T – Treasure time
I – Invest time
M – Manage time
and finally…

E – Enjoy your time
  – Enjoy your time on the right priorities
  – Say “no” to family time robbers
    – there will always be something else to do and somewhere else to be
    – when I say yes to one thing, like my family, I’ve already no to other things that try to take it’s place
    – no one on their death bed says, “I wish I had spent more time at work”
  – Say “yes” to happy memories

James 4:14
  – I need to quit being with people that don’t want to be with me
  – I need to quit taking myself so seriously, I need to be able to laugh at myself
  – I need to be healthy on the inside so I can enjoy time

  – When I’m late to something like a meeting, I’m saying that my time is more valuable than those that I’m meeting
  – We’re a rushed society, but that’s not God’s will for my life, even God rested.
  – I need to put some margin, or breathing room, in my life and not schedule things so close together that there’s no room for error. Other examples of margin are: a little extra money at the end of the month, and a little extra breath at the top of the stairs.

4 benefits of putting margin in my life
1. Peace – time to releax

2. Better health
  – continued stress is bad for the body

3. Stronger relationships
  – time to enjoy with my family and those close to me

4. Usefulness in ministry
  – helps you be more sensitive to God and what He’s saying to me
  – with no margin and going 200mph all the time, I’m running on survival mode, but I can’t do that for too long at a time

Number Our Days Part 2, Jan 13, 2008

Number Our Days, Pt 2

Ps. 90: 12 Why are we to number our days? So we can gain or present to God a heart of wisdom.
  – Lord, teach me how to number my days

T.I.M.E acronym
T – Treasure It
  – Time is a treasure
  – Treasure every momen I have
  – You can make more money, but you can’t make more time
  – Time is much more valuable than money – it’s one of the most valuable gifts from God

I – Invest It
  – We give time, people can’t take it
  – You can’t really buy more time
  – You can’t realy find more time
  – You can’t really make more time
  – You can’t really save time
  – You can only invest time
  – Where you invest your time says something about you
  – What do you do with your discretionary time?
  – All time is of equal quality – so the saying “Quality time is better than quantity time” isn’t really true at all.

M – Manage It
  – Time management is kind of a misnomer. You can’t really manage time itself, but ourselves in the time
  – Eph. 5:15-16 – Redeeming the time
  – Look for opportunities to invest / redeem time and run through those opportunities
  – If you don’t invest your time, other people will invest it for you

Number Our Days, Jan 6, 2008

Number Our Days
Psalms 90

– Moses wrote this prayer
– He’s comparing man’s frailty with God’s eternity
– God wants to be our retreat, our dwelling place, and our defender
– We run to our Creator
– God’s heart cry is for me to turn to Him and not to turn to the way of destruction

2 Peter 3:8 – God wants me to turn to Him, even if it’s one day and the next day I die because with God a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day.

Eph. 1:4 – We get defeated when we compare ourselves to others instead of how God sees us. God sees the whole picture of my life.

– Don’t get into the spirit of the flesh, no matter what, return good and love when given hatred and evil.
– Ask to see people and circumstances through God’s eyes instead of my own.

1 John 2:17 – God is with me through everything

Ps. 39:5 – My entire life fits in the palm of God’s hand.

James 4:14 – Life is short and not guaranteed

– This day, I’m going to do the right thing
– This day, I’m not going to give in to sin