In Pursuit of: True Riches, July 27, 2008

In Pursuit of: True Riches
Mark 8:27-38

– Who do you say that He is?
– v. 33, Satan tries to get us focused on carnal things
– “Pursue” – to run swiftly after, play close attention to

1. Pursue peace
  – with God, others, and ourselves
  – Ps. 34:11-14, Rom. 14:19, Col. 3:12-17 – we need to make allowance to forgive people
  – whatever I do or say, may it be to glorify God

2. Pursue holiness
  – Heb. 12:14, be at peace with all people
  – I can’t be holy for others
  – without peace and holiness, I won’t see God working in my life
  – holiness begins on the inside and means set apart, not outwardly like what I wear or what I do
  – 1 Cor. 3:16-17
  – only God can make us holy
  – flee what defiles the holiness of God
  – Rom. 12:1-2, 1 Peter 13-17
  – we are to be holy by being transformed
  – pursuing God is pursuing holiness

I would have dispaired . . . unless, July 20, 2008

I would have dispaired, unless…

1. …I had believed the goodness of Gode in the land of the living
 – Ps. 27:1-14
 – in the natural thinking/seeing, it’s reasonable to be in dispaire, but inwardly, deep inside, we believe that God os good and inside, we see the goodness of God.
 – there are real times when bad things are happening but there’s a greater reality that God is good.
 – the natural man can’t see the sipiritual wisdom
 – the spiritual will pull me out of the dragging down the carnal tries to do
 – pray that God opens my spiritual eyes.

2. …I understood that deserts happen and believe in the ultimate goodness of God
 – Ps. 63, the enemy wants to blind me to this
 – in the promised land, there is milk and honey, but there are also deserts and giants (v.1)
– remember the loving kindness of God, even in the desert
– focus on “What am I to do now that I’m here in the desert?”, not on “Why am I here?”
 – v. 7-11, now that I’m hiding under the shadow of God in the desert, I reject satan’s attempts to put my focus elsewhere.
 – living the Godly life means that there will be deserts
 – 1 Cor. 10, the desert can be a place of anxiety from the enemy and we’re tempted to complain and it quickly spreads. anger also spreads. I’m tempted to doubt God and lose self-control.

What do I do?
1. Remembe3r that it’s a place of testing, to humble me
 – Deut. 8:2, why? for approval, to reveal my strengths and so I’ll know what’s in my heart.
2. Place to grow spiritually strong, grow deep roots.
3. Rest (Mark 6:31), I can’t be “on” all the time. I need to use my time-outs to rest.
4. Place of restoration (Hosea 2:14-15), hope means to wait expectantly.
 – my perspective can change in the desert
 – it can restore praise and freedom
5. Place of preparation, where God has access to me (Isa. 40:3)
6. Place of promise (Isa. 35:10)

Being Still Before The Lord, July 6, 2008

Being Still before the Lord
John 10:1-6

– God wants you to be so familiar with His voice that it’s easily heard over all the noise
– God desires truth in the inward being – when we believe it on the inside, moving us into our destiny
– God desires to speak to us in the midst of all the noise

1. Be still and know that I am God, Ps. 46:1-11
  – God loves silence sometimes when we just sit back and think on God
  – in the midst of all my thoughts and worries, God wants me to be still and silent. Remember that He is God

2. Be silent because God is in His holy temple, Habakkuk 2:20
  – God is in His holy temple and it’s time for us to be silent
  – in a world of noise, we become accustom to it
  – there’s a time for holy silence. It’s reverent submission
  – being still involves meditation. Close the door to tomorrow, and all the worries, bills, concerns.

3. Listen to the still small voice, 1 Kings 19:1-14
  – Elijah had the best day of his life, then Queen Jezebel threatened his life and he got depressed and ran to a cave and contemplated suicide. Then God’s still small voice spoke to him.
  – Elijah heard God’s voice because he was silent
  – noise can have a physical effect on people’s lives
  – Samuel heard God’s voice calling him (1 Sam. 3:1-11)

4. Remove the noise, Matt 9:18-25
  – v. 23 There was noise as was their custom, Jesus silenced the noise
  – decide to remove the noise and the source of the noise from my life

5. Let God arise and speak, Mark 4:35-41
  – Jesus calms the storm
  – the disciples were letting their fear speak

– God desires to calm the storms of our life and to calm us in the storms.
– I need daily renewal to take on fear.