In Pursuit of: True Riches, Part 4, Aug 24, 2008

Pursuit of True Riches continued…
– We’re callede in the Bible to pursue – run hard after – God

4. Pursue love and it’s companion virtues
  – 1. Cor. 13
  – love suffers long, even though I want things now, when I pray for them, and don’t want to have to wait or “suffer long”
  – love is kind. Do I drive kindly? Am I kind to my family – the people closest to me that have hurt me?
  – love will not envy. Envy goes a step further than jealousy.
  – love is not boastful. God doesn’t get any glory from that.
  – don’t be rude, because it’s not love
  – love does not seek it’s own
  – love is not provoked
  – love thinks no evil, esp. about others
  – love restores, doesn’t rejoice in iniquity
  – love bears all things – high gas prices, offensive people

In Pursuit of: True Riches, Part 3, Aug 17, 2008

Mark 8:27-33 review
v. 34-38 – the Lord wants to challenge us to look at what we’re pursuing

1. Pursue Peace – Ps. 34:11-14
  – be “do-gooders” – do good
  – Rom. 14:19 – help bring peace to situations

2. Pursue Holiness – Heb. 12:14
  – holiness is inward and comes from the inside out
  – not derived from man-made standards
  – Rom. 12:2, be transformed by the renewing of our minds
  – practice the presence of God – even in difficult situations and and around difficult people
  – take every thought captive
  – rest our hope of heaven, always being ready for His return

3. Pursue faithfulness in the little things
  – Luke 16:1-9
  – treat money as a tool to extend the Kingdom of God
  –  v. 10-13 – can’t serve both God and money
  – God is God, money is money, God owns it all
  – doing what I do, no matter who small, to the glory of God pleases Him. 

No Place Like Home, Pastor Randy Reed, Aug. 10, 2008

No Place Like Home
Acts 1:4-8

– what do you see when you look at verse 8?
– starts at home
– Heb. 11:1 – the faith verse, but it’s also the hope verse because you need hope before you have faith

1. Let hope be your foundation so faith may arise
  – is your house a place of hope? Hope for healing?
  – are you a place for hope?
  – expect change in your hope
  – hope for change
  – hope for increase
  – hope for your children’s future
How do I do it?
  – change my confession
  – start speaking God’s promises, you’re going to believe what you say before you believe what others say.
  – watch your body language
  – focus on the solution, not on the problem
  – keep your mouth shut

2. Let ownership be your attitude
  – Matt. 25: 20-26 – they were a steward of what they were given
  – we need to be an owner that looks at the big picture
  – we need to be an owner that does whatever it takes
  – we need to be an owner that owns our own mistakes
How do I do it?
  – give those over you the benefit of the doubt
  – help those around you to see the big picture

3. Make time to make a difference
  – Ecc. 3:1-8
  – every season is a good time to make a difference
  – can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results
  – it should make a difference when you come on the scene
How do I do it?
  – slow down – because you’re missing opportunities
  – take time to refresh yourself
  – take time to listen more than you’re heard
  – sow time into others

4. Everybody counts
  – is that how it is your home?
  – you count becuase you’re alive
  – 1 Cor. 12:12-26
  – we all are one body
  – God chose me first, I didn’t choose Him first
  – I count, and God really wants to use me
  – what stars are lined up behind me that I just don’t see?
  – like dominoes falling in line, everyone counts

In Pursuit of: True Riches, Part 2, Aug 3, 2008

“We will not possess what we will not pursue” author unknown

– We are to present our bodies as a living sacrifice
– Until I make myself available, I’m unusable
– When I hold onto my life, God can’t give me a holy life

Rev. 2:17
– God can’t fill someone that’s already filled with the world
– God calls us to holiness that is renewed daily
– Whatever you give yourselft to, you become stronger in
– Understand that there’s a hope beyond this world that I’m made for