Passion For The Possible, Dan Sneed, Feb 22, 2009

“Passion For The Possible”
Guest Speaker Dan Sneed

I need to have passion for what I can do
Matt. 15:29-38 – miracles happening for 3 days straight

1. Jesus brings the disciples (asn us) face to face with the impossible (that we can’t do)

2. Jesus challenges them and us to give everything that we have – even though we know that what we have is not nearly enough to do the impossible
 – when I bring the junk of my life to Jesus, He takes even my failures and turns them into something great and awesome.
 – I’m not expected to do the impossible but I am expected to give everything that I do have that Jesus asks for.

3. The touch of Jesus
 – that’s where the miracle is
 – do what Jesus says to do, give what He asks from us.

Because of the Cross, Feb 15, 2009

Because of the Cross
Gal. 6:14
Isa. 53:1-12
 – Jesus became defiled, desacrated, unholy, impure, at the cross, all for me and you

Transgression – rebellion
Bruised – crushed, shattered
Iniquities – depravity, perversity

Because of the cross…
1. I am saved from the wrath of God
  – I deserved to be crushed under God’s wrath because of my sin, but instead, God crushed Himself under His own wrath so I could be saved
  – Isa. 53:5; Eph. 5:23;2:8, Rom. 5:1-19

– who can really live this message?
 – very few can actually live this way, but we’re called to live this way

– read Galatians and see if you’re living the life God has called you to live

Let’s Talk About the Cross, Feb 8, 2009

Let’s Talk About The Cross

Luke 9:23
 – icons are symbols
 – what did Jesus mean by “taking up your corss daily and follow me”?
 – you have to be a person that denies yourself, but what does that mean?

To fail to live a crucified ilfe is to live unworthy
Matt 10:38 – “anyone who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me” (NIV)
Gal. 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ…”
 – I have a decision to make when my will crosses God’s will

We have a choice between the cross, heavenly treasures, and earthly treasures
 – Matt. 19:16-24 – the wealthy man loving money more than God

The message of the cross is both foolishness and powerful

Through the cross, I am dead to the world and it is dead to me
 – Gal. 6:14

Through the cross, we’re reconciled to God

It’s possible to be an enemy of teh cross
 – Phil. 3:13-20
 – my way of life right now is either living for God or living away from God. There’s no standing still
 – if God is our belly, we’re not cruicified with Christ

Lessons From a Bad Decision, Feb 1, 2009

1 Chronicles 21 – the whole chapter

1. None of us are beyond deception (v.1)
  – Ps. 51:10
  – God, make me sensitive to the moving words of your heart
  – we need God to restrain us and keep us from deception

2. Don’t put our trust in numbers
  – the people didn’t belong to David but to God
  – don’t put your trust in what yoiu have, God can use very little or a lot
  – all the people in our life are God’s, not ours

3. We must tactfully appeal to those who make foolish decisions (v.3-4)
  – we need to be like Joab and appeal a bad decision even if it’s our boss
  – do it tactfully
  – listen when God puts people around us that challenge our decisions

4. After we make a mistake, we need to immediately confess and repent
  – don’t blame others fro my own giving in to temptation and not listening to wise counsel

5. Fall into God’s mercy
  – don’t try to bargin with people or God

6. Intercede and then listen for God’s instruction on what to do (v.16-19)
  – God showed David that the judgement isn’t over yet and David owned his mistake/decision
  – we so easily blame others and God instead of confessing to God that we fell by our own decision
  – God’s looking for obedience

7. Don’t look for the cheapest way to please God (v.24)
  – he that has a religion that costs him nothing is worth nothing