Faith Speaks, Pt 2, Apr 26, 2009

2 Cor. 4:1-13 – we’re to be people who take action
Acts 4:8-13 – faith in the Son of God spoke, it’s evident who you’ve been with (v.13)
v.20 – “For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.”

Faith speaks . . . and I am saved
Rom. 10:8-10

Faith speaks . . . to mountains

Faith speaks . . . to threats
Dan. 3
 – faith needs to be spoken regardless of the outcome
 – quit worrying about the consequences

Faith speaks . . . to giants
1 Sam. 17:26 (1-51) – David speaks faith v.32,46

Faith speaks . . . to one’s own soul
Ps. 42:5-11
 – we need to get over our “victim” mentality
 – I need to speak to my own soul
 – I need to take responsibility for the condition of my own soul

Faith Speaks, Apr 19, 2009

Faith Speaks
2 Cor. 4:1-13
 – God has chosen earthen vessels to put His glory in

Acts 4:15
 – we can’t help but to speak of things we have seen and heard in God
 – if we follow Jesus, we need to speak of Him

Faith speaks, and I am saved
 – Rom. 10:8-10

Faith speaks, to mountains
 – Zech. 4:6-7 – when we face debt and other mountains, we need to speak to it and hear a Word from God
 – Matt 17:14-20 – you don’t need more faith, you need the right kind of faith – faith in God, not the problems (which is the wrong kind of faith)

Faith speaks, to threats
 – Acts 4:15
 – Daniel 3:1-26

It’s Not Over (Even When It’s Over), Apr 12, 2009

1 Cor. 15:1-19
Implications of Easter

If Christ IS NOT risen…
1. …preaching is empty
2. …the apostles were liars
3. …faith is futile
 – people are motivated by fear, greed, and hope
 – faith is substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not yet seen
4. …sin has conquered
5. …the dead have perished

If Christ IS risen…
1. …Jesus is the resurrection and the life
2. …there is life after death

Our faith is based on fact
1. an empty tomb
2. historical evidence
3. fulfilled prophecies (who He would be, what He would do, how He would come, where He would be born, etc.)

No More Excuses, Apr 5, 2009

Luke 14:12-24
– we need to eliminate the excuses in our life
– v.12 – don’t habitually invite people over just to expect them to invite you back
– be careful that you don’t just associate with people who can benefit you

1. No more materialistic excuses
 – the first two excuses were materialistic

2. No more family first excuses
 – God has to come first, even before family
 – I am not to focus on my family, I need to focus on God and how He wants me to act towards my family
 – God is first, not being too tired, not staying up too late, etc.

3. No more inviting
 – God wants us to compel others to come, not just invite

– it’s not about me being rejected by man, byt it’s about God’s kingdom being filled up