Standing Your Ground, Advancing the Kingdom, Aug 30, 2009

2 Tim. 3:16
2 Sam. 23:8-11
Deut. 20:1-4 – We as Christians are priests and are to speak to those who are going into battle

Have you ever felt outnumbered? 2 Sam. 23:8
Have you ever felt weary and your only goal was survival? 2 Sam. 23:9
Have you ever had to stand against the crowd? 2 Sam. 23:11 (I don’t answer to peer pressure, I answer to God)
Is Satan trying to overrun your lentil field with fear?

3 Lentil fields we all have and must defend
1. Realm of your mind, will, and emotions – “Take every thought captive” and bring it into alignment with God’s Word.

2. Your spirit/spiritual person – feed your spirit on the Word of God and don’t let anything distract and take you away. “He whose mind is stayed on Him…”

3. Your physical body – we are stewards of our body

7 other lentil fields to defend and advance:
1. Business and commerce
2. Government
3. Family
4. Church, people of God
5. Education
6. Media
7. Arts and Entertainment

3 things these men had and we need to have in common in our lives as fellow Christians:
1. They did not give up because they were out numbered
2. They weren’t moved by what those around them did – not going to give in to negativity, but will show the fruits of the Spirit
3. They defended what was rightfully theirs – given to them by God

What can I do?
1. Tighten up the belt of truth
2. Get a firm grip on the Sword/Word of God and begin to speak the truth
3. Do not panic and turn away (Ps. 78:5-11)

The spiritual battle we’re in is totally real
1 Cor. 15:58

God is . . . Love (Exploring the awesome nature of God, part 7e) Aug 23, 2009

1 John 4:7-8 – we who are loved, let us love
– agape love – loves without changing
– no matter how we behave towards God, His love never changes toards us, He still has 1 Cor. 13, love for us

4 more things that love is (love’s sweet companions)

1. Love bears or covers all things
  – doesn’t proclaim the person’s slightest faults to the world

2. Love believe all things

3. Love hopes all things – a confident expectation

4. Love endures all things

to review, there’s:
– patience (bears all things)
– faith (believes all things)
– hope (hopes all things)
– perseverance (endures all things)

The best way to understand these is to see them in Jesus and replace the word “love” with “Jesus”

God is . . . Love (Exploring the awesome nature of God, part 7d) Aug 16, 2009

1 John 4:7-8, and 1 Cor. 13:1-8 (this is how God loves me)

The other 4 of the 8 things God’s love is not:

5. Does not seek its own
  – Rom. 12:10, Phil.2:4 – being an others centered person, not a self-centered person

6. Love is not provoked (in a sinful way)
  – Num. 20:1-12 – Moses was provoked
  – love is not provoked to anger and sin
  – thank God that we don’t provoke God

7. Thinks no evil
  – doesn’t store up the memory of any wrongs recieved
  – God doesn’t store up the memories of our wrongs so we are to follow His example
  – we are to let go of the hurt and let it scar as a reminder and a great story of redemption
  – if we don’t let go of the hurt, it remains an open wound and we’re not loving

8. Doesn’t rejoice in iniquity
  – don’t tell stories of others that puts them in a negative light

God is . . . Love (Exploring the awesome nature of God, part 7c) Aug 9, 2009

1 John 4:7-8 – as we are loved by God, so should we love others

2 Things Love is:
1. Longsuffering
2. Kind

4 of the 8 things love is not:
1. Love does not envy
  – envy seeks to murder and kill
  – love keeps its distance from envy
  – envy multiplies quickly

2. Does not parade itself
  – love in action can work anonymously

3. Is not puffed up (arrogand and self-focused)
  – love focuses on others

4. Does not behave rudely
  – as I am loved, I am to love

God is . . . Love (Exploring the awesome nature of God, part 7b) Aug 2, 2009

1 John 4:7-8 – those who are loved, let them love
– as God is loving towards me, let me be loving to others

1 Cor. 13:1-8
– Greeks have four different words for love:
  – eros – sexual love
  – storge – family love
  – philia – brotherly love (like between friends)
  – agape – loves without changing

Agape love
– God’s love is always red hot, nover changes to luke warm or cold
– gives without expecting repayment
– love so great, that it can be given to the unloved
– loves, even when it’s rejected
– gives and loves because it wants to
– has little to do with emotion and a lot to do with sacrifice

like a suntan, whatever you expose yourself to, you absorb. The more we expose ourselves to God, the more we absorb Him

Love is . . .
1. Log suffering (demonstrated by action)
2. Kind