Story, Jonathan O’Reilly, Jan 24, 2010


Ps. 39 – remind me that that my days are numbered

– Turn the “when” in our lives into “now”

– Turn the “intentions” in our lives into “actions”

– God, arouse in me the gifts You’ve given me

– If you wake up tomorrow morning, God’s not done with you yet
– Your story is impacting other people’s stories

Preach Hope Church, Jan 17, 2010

Rom. 5:1-11
Col. 1:25-27
Heb. 6:13-20

We have a hope that is centered in the glory of God
A glory that…
– is uniquely His
– we share
– is certain

We hope in the Glory of God
– we have a hope that thrives in the context of suffering

suffering brings about perseverance
perseverance bring about proven character
proven character brings about hope

We have a hope that doesn’t disappoint (2 Thess. 2:16-17)

What was meant for evil, God turns to good, Jan 10, 2010

Gen. 50:15-26
Rom. 8:28 – Scripture doesn’t say, “all things are good”

Joseph displayed the grace of God

Job – another example of what was meant for evil, God used for good (Job 42)

1 Sam. 30:1-25

What to do on the worst day of your life:
1. Weep
2. Don’t get bitter
3. Strengthen yourself in God
4. Get a Word from God and follow it
5. Re-orient your future/visition and recover all that was stolen
6. Re-gain passion – stir up the flame – go back to your first love for Jesus
7. Celebrate the victory and give back to others

Another example is Peter who denied Christ 3 times, but turned around. Also Paul, who was originally Saul but turned his life around to follow Jesus.

Hosting The Presence of God, Jan 3, 2010

Acts 7:47-50

Where is God? Where does He live?
Matt. 28:20; Heb. 13:5; Deut. 31:1-6

God’s primary house – dwell in Adam: body, soul, spirit
– when Adam sinned, he died spiritually – God moved out

God created a new house – the temple: outer, inner, and innermost courts
Rom. 12:1-2.  The innermost court is where the priests met God
Matt. 21:13 – the temple became desecrated

God created a perfect house: Jesus Christ, His own body a temple. It too was desecrated, carrying the sins of the world. Isa 53:10

God’s permanent house – our spirit as Christians, the design – the Holy Spirit
John 14:16-17; 1 Cor. 6:19-20

When we are saved, God moves into us

A “host” is one who receives and entertains another hospitality with whom he stays and lodges

How well are we hosting God inside us? Are we bringing anything in to our bodies that God doesn’t like?

6 ways to host God’s presence:
1. Dreams
2. Visitations
3. Still, small voice
4. In joy and pleasures, Ps. 16:11
5. In worship and praise
6. In prayers and fasting, Acts 13:2