Honor, July 25, 2010

2 Sam. 2:30
Do you live a God oriented life?

Somone who live a God-oriented life:
– is stirred by the greatness of God
– is moved by the grace of God
– expects the activity of God
– hungers for the Word of God
– longs for the glory of God

We have to constantly challenge each other to orient our lives to God like a compass needle drawn to the north.

We honor God with our worship (Ps. 50:23; 1 Sam. 2:28)
– to be my priest
– to offer upon my alter
– to burn incense
– to wear an ephod before me (Ex. 28:2-4)
– all the offerings

Psalm 33, July 18, 2010

Psalm 33

– if you’ve accepted jesus as your righteousness, you should rejoice, it’s a beautiful thing (v.1)
– the Word of the Lord is right, everything God does is done in trouth (v.4)
– we need to stand up for what is right and against what’s not right (v.5)
– the world needs to stop and be in awe of God (v.8) Why? Because He spoke and it came into existence.
– all the works of men don’t affec the work of God (v.10)
– “The plans of the Lord stand forever…” (v.11)
– people of God make up the nation whose God is the Lord (v.12)
– God knows the planning of all our hearts and He’s not worried (v.13-15)
– God is my everyhting, nothing is able to save us except for God (v.16-17)
– everyone’s heart is different so what brings me closer to God may not bring someone else closer to God as well.
– do you want to catch the eye of God? love mercy: let your judgement be filled with mercy. You’ll catch the eye of God.

Staying The Course, July 11, 2010

Heb. 12:1-6 (notice the word endurance used throughout)

Embrace your place, and not your next position
– Jesus had to take His place on the cross in order to arrive at His place at the right-hand of God
2 Sam. 18:18 – selfish ambition will not advance the Kingdom
– ambition seeks position, destiny seeks a place
– ambitions market you, destiny marks you
– stay the course in your own struggles in your life, financial, work, other people, etc.

Stay the course in opposition (Josh. 11:1-8)
– when you’ve heard from God, everything else is noise
– if you’re going to stay the course, you have to fight the enemy
– don’t be intimidated by your fear
– if my body is able and my mind is sound, then age is only an asset
– don’t let dissenters be deciders in your life
– you can run from a problems but it will meet you there

Stay the course in dependability
– “let your yes be yes”

Stay the course in prayer and song (Acts 16:23-29)
– discover your song and let it resonate until the chains break and the walls fall
– get with someone and pray and speak against the mountain your dealing with, whether it be finances, situations, healing, or something else.

Fill The House With Victory, July 4, 2010

Eph. 4:26-27; 5:14-21
– in times of stress we tend to naturally lean to the stress and anxiety, but instead, in the supernatural, we lean on Jesus and His peace.

1 Sam. 6:1-4 – seek God in your worship and your worship will get better
– we either pick up the sound and resonate noise from the world, or from Heaven. (v.3) Holy wins out over everything.
– God would rather have a son or daughter who struggles than not have that son or daughter at all.
– God’s reality overcomes the world’s reality every time.
– choose to tune into heaven’s noise of victory instead of the noise of the worldl

Don’t feed the negative – you’ll be tempted to, but don’t
– nothing in the temple but victory, victory, victory
1 Sam. 30:1-6  v.6 David strengthened himself in the Lord
– there’s a difference between “trying” and “training”
1 Sam. 22:1-2 David’s house is full of deadbeats
– when you’re in the “cave”, turn people around – don’t let them turn you around.

– Jathnel means “gatekeeper” God is giving
– Jehohanan means “singer” Jehovah is gracious
– Jazeel means “priest” God is strong
– Jehiah means “keeper of the ark” Jehovah is alive
– Jehoiada means ” priest” Jehovah knows all about it
– Jedidiah means “common man” Jehovah is my friend
– Jehonathan means “keeper of the store house” Jehovah will provide

Faith will not flourish in an atmosphere of defeat, and defeat will not flourish in an atmosphere of faith.