Were There Not Ten? Nov 27, 2011

Luke 17:11-19
– ingratitude can be the source of many of our problems today
– lepers were an outcast of society
– Charles Brown gave some possible reasons why the nine did not give thanks:
*One waited to see if the cure was real
*One waited to see if it would last
*One said he would see Jesus later
*One decided that he had never had leprosy
*One said that he would have gotten well anyway
*One gave the glory to the priests
*One said, “Any rabbi could have done it”
*One said, I was already much improved

– things that will help us not slip into ingratitude:
1. notice the leper’s condition
2. notice the leper’s cry
  – Rom. 5:6 – like lepers, we are helpless to stop our destruction in sin and cry out to Jesus for mercy
  – grace is getting what you don’t deserve…mercy is not getting what you deserve
  – the leper’s only hope was Jesus – the same is for us as sinners
3. notice one leper’s celebration
  a. note the perception of gratitude – note how blessed we already are. The leper noticed that he was cleansed
    – do we really percieve what God has blessed us with?
    – an ungrateful Christians is a defeated CHristian because they ‘ve lost their joy
  b. note the priority of gratitude – the leper immediately turned around and ran back to give thanks
  c. note the perfection of gratitude – v.15, in a loud voice
    – wholeness comes when gratitude is made to perfection and maturity and made a priority
    – he glorified God above all else

Where Do You Turn When Life Hurts Most? Nov 20, 2011

John 16:33 “I told you these things…” like “I am the vine, you are the branches, unless you abide in me…“, “You did not choose me but I chose you to bear fruit“, and “As much as the Father has loved me I have loved you
– we’re to bear fruit
– if I want peace in my life, I need to be a branch and daily abide in Jesus
– Jesus is saying, “I want you to know, if you want to be in Me, and you want this peace in the midst of this trouble, then you have to become a branch in the vine. You have to let your life become entwined with My life. You can’t just add Me as an attachment.”
– “In Me” you have peace, “In this world” you have trouble. We’re living in two realities at the same time.
– we’re to take heart – hold on, don’t dispare, and turn to the cross
Heb 6:13-20 – we must be anchored and focused on the cross where Jesus overcame

At the cross we see…
– that God loves us
– God allows freedom but He maintains control (God is in control yet He gives us freedom)
– God can use the worst for eternal good (the cross anchors us to this hope!)
– it is the bright shining piece that is part of the greater canvas that God is painting

Jesus on the cross is saying…
– I love you
– there is freedom but I have never lost control
– I will take the worst and use it for eternal good
– there is a canvas bigger than you understand

The cross reminds us…
– Jesus suffered loss
– Jesus suffered rejection
– Jesus went through pain
– Jesus suffered death

What the enemy means for evil – God will turn for good!

Got Fruit? Susan O’Reilly, Nov 13, 2011

Galatians 5:22-26 (Msg & Amp)
– the Holy Spirit is here to cause things to happen in our lives that bring us more in tune to God’s purposes on earth
– the change in our character and way of life produces the fruit of the Holy Sprit
– abundant spiritual fruit also breeds hope and is well worth celebrating
– everyone wins with good fruit (Matt 7:17-20)

Saul – 1st king of Israel
– insecure – he was hiding out when Samuel announced that he was being anointed king (1 Sam 10:22)
  – insecurity makes everything small
  – insecure people are threatened by secure people
  – insecurity also breeds immaturity
  – insecurity brings control, security brings freedom
– disobedient (1 Sam. 13:8-13)
  – disobedience will keep us from our destiny
– offended (1 Sam. 19:9-10)
  – when we walk in offense agains someone, it’s as if we put on glasses and can only see them through our offense

David – 2nd king of Israel
– secure – his security was not in what he had or what he could do
  – David’s security is identified in the Psalms. The Lord is my rock, my refuge, my deliverer, my fortress. He talks about exalting the Lord continually.
  – fighting Goliath – he knew the battle belonged to the Lord (1 Sam. 17:17, 33-34)
  – security is confident, it brings freedom and maturity
– obedient – David acknowledges Saul as king and he will not touch him (1 Sam. 24:1-11)
– forgiveness – David walks in mercy toward Saul (Ps. 86:5)

– Our fruit is for others. It brings nourishment, blessing to those in our world. It feeds others. (John 15:1-3)

Encouragement – Receive it // Give it

Started off with a clip from “Facing the Giants” (http://www.wingclips.com/movie-clips/facing-the-giants/death-crawl)
Deut. 1:38,3:28, Isa. 35:3-4, Acts 11:20-24
– You know you’re in the Spirit when you are an encourager. That’s a sign that you’re walking with the Spirit.
– God has something for you to receive and somehting for you to give (Col. 4:5-8)
– sins purpose is to harden your heart (Heb. 3:12-13)
– discouragement is a thief, it steals vitality and contentment and brings self pity. It’s a result of blindness.

1. Get encouragement from God and His Word (Rom. 15:1-6)
  – don’t neglect the Scriptures which gives you encouragement
  – God needs you encouraged so you can encourage others
  – don’t stop getting in the Word, and don’t stop getting before God

2. Be confident in whom you have believed (2 Tim. 1:6-12)
  – I’m not trying to get victory, I’m following the One that’s already victorious

3. Stand (Eph. 6:10-18)
  – “be strong in the Lord” – not myself
  – stand in faith believing in the strength and armor of the Lord and pray

4. Keep on keeping on (Gal. 6:9, 2 Thess. 3:10-15)
  – it doesn’t matter the response of the world, my obedience to God remains the same – results are in the hands of God

5. Wait on the Lord and be patient (Isa. 40:25-31)
  – something supernatural happens when you wait on the Lord
  – “to wait” means to inter-twine – like a vine
  – Heb. 6:10-12

Ended with the song “Refuse To Be Denied” by Desperation Band (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncM3bd_bv0g)