The House That Love Built, Apr 29, 2012

Col. 3:12-14 – as Christians, we have no choice but to put on love and forgiveness
1 John 3:16, John 15:11-17 – God’s taking us to a place of maturity
– Jesus left us with two commands: love God, love people
Gal. 5:22-23 – it’s not always easy to love people but God has called us to do just that.
– How do we love?
  – listening – actively listening
  – helping – helping people is often not convenient but worth it
  – encouraging – put courage in people
  – giving – of our time, talent, and treasures
– God puts people in our world that need us and our encouragement, and often times is the more difficult people to deal with.
1 Cor. 13:1-13
– love and acceptance are the two most important needs of every person.
– the gift of love: bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails – it is eternal.
Phil.2:1-4 – be God-centered – not self-centered
John 14:23
– when people excel, we cheer
– when people rejoice, we rejoice
– when people prosper – we smile and applaud
– when people hurt – we hurt
– when people cry – we cry
– 10 ways to love:
1. be patient
2. verbalize love often
3. smile
4. forgive easily – keep short accounts with people – don’t maniputlate people
5. express love – through cards and letters
6. protect and nurture what is important – spouse, family, etc.
7. laugh often
8. live to give
9. when you learn – teach. Share your life with others
10. celebrate

Is There Not A Cause? Part 1, Apr 15, 2012

1 Sam. 17:1-47 – the israelite army was listening to the enemy and was scared. David heard Goliath and a spark welled up inside to defend God’s honor.
– Saul lost sight of God (v. 35-36)
– Characteristics of a Cause:
1. it is bigger than any of us (Col. 3:17) – we are here for teh glory of God
  – the kingdom of God is first – not my family or possessions
  – everything I do is to the glory of God
2. it is something you will die for
3. you are in its hand – it possesses you, you don’t possess it, it is not self-possessed
4. it leaves you with no choice – you must deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Jesus (Matt 16:24)
5. you exist for the cause
6. you can’t ignore it – the Holy Spirit is constantly nudging me to glorify God in my life and words, and convicting me when I’m wrong.
7. it has eternal significance
8. it never changes – it’s always the glorification of Jesus Christ
9. it generates power
10. it creates change

The Spit of the Soldiers, Easter Sunday, Apr 8, 2012

Matt. 26:63-68; 27:22-31
– spitting was to degrade the soul
– spit of the soldiers can represent the wrath in our hearts
– Jesus took our spit to the cross
– everytime we willfully disobey, we’re spitting on the face of God
Isa. 50:6 – God carried my spit to the cross
– the sinless One took on the fade of a sinner so that we sinners could take on the face of a saint
1 Cor. 15:1-22 – if there is no resurrection, there is no afterlife, and we are still in our sins, faith is futile, and our hope is to be pitied but…HE IS ALIVE, HE DID RISE and we now have a responsibility.
– the death of Jesus:
  – at the age of 33, Jesus was condemned to the death penalty
  – each nail was 6-8 inches long
  – Jesus endured this reality for over 3 hours
  – JEsus had to endure this experience, so that your sins can be washed away. All of them, with no exception.
– it’s now your responsibility (Matt. 27:4, 27:24)

Living in the Favor Zone, Part 3, Apr 1, 2012

Ps. 30:5 – there is more favor in your future
– flow of God’s favor, will usually come to you through someone observing you who is capable of blessing you (book of Ruth)
– you and I are to stand in favor (Rom. 4:18-5:21)
– hope = confident expectation
– we need to live in the favor zone so grace can reign in and through us
– the path of wisdom is the path of favor (Luke 2:52, Prov. 8)
– wisdom allows you to know when to apply the knowledge you have
– when favor is on your life it overflows to people around you.