In Pursuit Of Godliness, Part 7, Apr 28, 2013

2 Tim. 3:1-5
– In this part 7 of the series, In Pursuit of Godliness, Pastor Phillip O’Reilly continues to give examples of how people will be in the last days based on 2 Timothy 3:1-5. How many of these characteristics do we see in others and how many of these do we see in ourselves? There is hope and forgiveness in the power of Jesus.
– continuing from the last message in the series, in the last days, people will also be:
  – ungrateful
  – unholy
  – without love
  – unforgiving
  – slanderous
  – without self-control
  – brutal
  – not lovers of the good
  – treacherous
  – rash
  – conceited
  – lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God
  – having a form of godliness but denying its power

Special Guest Speaker Shane Baxter, Apr 21, 2013

Matt. 12:9-14
– it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is. If you are shriveled in any way, the heart of God is to restore you.
– there is no better place for those with shriveled lives, than the house of God
– we are all a little shriveled, emotionally, relationally, etc.
– if my muscles have memories that I didn’t know about, how much more do my emotions?
– how many of us won’t engage in relationships, leadership roles, or dreams because of a bad experience in our past?
John 4:13-18 – Jesus goes after the place this woman is shriveled and hurt the most. She’s been rejected by 5 men already.
– God wants to see you completely restored
Matt. 12:13 – some of us are just one stretch away from  a miracle restoration
Heb. 10:39 – “believe” is a verb, not a noun
– it’s not time to shrivel back in fear, but to step forward into healing and what God’s called us to