Debt Free and Walking in the Light, Dec 29, 2013

– Romans 13:1-14
– we will never be free of the debt of love
– to walk in love is to walk in the light
– Psalm 119:105
– Paul says we are to walk in light, we are to put off:
1. Komos – translated revelry – late night carousing, partying
2. Methe – translated drunkenness, intoxication
3. Koite – the idea behind the word for lewdness is “the desire for a forbidden bed.” It dexcribes the person who sets no value on sexual purity and fidelity
4. Aselgiea – lust has the idea of a man who is lost to shame. They no longer care what people think and flaunt their sin openly, even proudly.
5. Eris – translated strife: contention, wrangling
6. Zelos – translated envy: excitement of mind, fervor of spirit, the fierceness of indignation, punitive zeal an envious and contentious rivalry, jealousy
– jealousy is: “standing at the bottom o fthe mountain saying it is not fair that you are at the top”
– envy: “says not only is it not fair you are at the top of the mountain since I cannot be then you are not going to be either.”

What if Christmas Never Happened? Dec 22, 2013

Luke 2:1-7
– Jesus’ coming changed history: we number our calendars by it, it’s the largest religious celebration of the year
Luke 10:27
– without Christmas, something far worse wouldn’t have happened: Christ would not have come – there would be no God with us
– no salvation from our sin (Isa. 53), no victory over Satan (1 John 3:8), evil would triumph (Isa. 9:6)
– there would be no hope for today or tomorrow (Luke 2:10-11, John 1:1-14, Rom. 11:33-34)
2 Cor. 5:17 – there is no new life – no starting over
John 3:16-17
John 1:12
1 Peter 3:18
John 1:12

Beyond Our Ability, Guest Speaker Lee Burns, Dec 15, 2013

– God can call you out on what man created
Matt. 14:25-33
1. take courage – take it because it’s not in you, fear is
  – it’s when you step into incertainty that you grow in faith
2. step forward – we have to take one small step at a time
  – what is it that Jesus is calling you to step out and step into?
  – even when Peter took his eyes off Jesus, Jesus never took His eyes off of Peter
3. stay focused
  – your going to have moments in your walk where you begin to sink a little but you can cry out to Jesus and immediately He’ll pull you up and get you back on to what it is He’s called you to do
  – it’s amazing how God will use you if you allow Him
  – God uses our storms as His path to reach us, and if we cry out to Him, He’ll be there

The Journey of Faith, Guest Speaker Tom Bachtle, Dec 14, 2013

– it’s one thing to hear faith, it’s another to do faith
James 1:19 – a wise man is quick to listen
Gen. 1:1-3,6,9 – God says something and it happens
Rom. 10:13-14 – how do you find answers?
1. hear
2. believe
3. call
4. saved
– it’s not how spiritual we are, it’s how powerful God is
– what is that thing God’s calling you to?
– your faith journey is so much more than you
– sometimes when you step out in faith, it doesn’t work out the way you expected
– the same way you get saved, is the same way you’re provided for

A Grateful Life, Part 2, Dec 8, 2013

– if there is one sin that is most prevalent today, it’s the sin of ingratitude
– gratitude is a spirit of thankfulness, of praise, of appreciation
– attitude – is a settled way or pattern of thinking
– servanthood and entitlement are both attitudes
1 Thess. 5:14-19, Phil. 4:4-9
– gratitude is possibly the greatest of all attitudes
– when you are grounded in gratitude, it affects positively all your other attitudes
– gratitude puts your focus on what you have – not on what you don’t have
– regret stops the flow of gratitude
– cultivate thankfulness (Col. 3:12-17) – a grateful/thankful heart must be cultivated
– steps to cultivate a grateful attitude:
1. fight familiarity – it causes leaks in the gratitude bucket
2. remember what you have – never let the things you want keep you from forgetting what you have
3. fill your conversations with words of gratitude – lead your feelinds with your words, many negative feelings are based in lies
Ps. 50:23, Matt. 16:26

Transformation, Pastor Curt Vignery, Dec 1, 2013

Ez. 37:1-3
1. Transformation begins at the end
  – the life God has for you cannot and will not compete with the life you want to live. One has to die for the other to truly live.
  – do you want true change in your life?
  – John 5:1-9 – the pool is the only method to healing the man knows about
  – God’s never going to force His change on you
  – Jesus is not only your guide to transformation but He is also your source to transformation – it’s a continual transformation
  – God sees your transformation before you do
  – Rom. 12:1-2 NLT – change the way you look at things
2. Transformation activateds through action – can you do it?
  – the calling of God is the enabling of God
  – when God says to do something, you now have the power to do it – no matter how many times before you’ve tried and failed in your own strength
  – God’s not setting you up to fail, He’s setting you up to succeed
  – Ez. 37:4-8 – you’ve got to boldly speak God’s promises into your life – God invites you into your transformation process
  – you and I get to be in on our transformation process
  – take up your mat, becase you’re not going back to the way things were before
  – God is not going to force the change on you, you can limit how far God takes you
  – “I know who I amd and I know what I believe” Will Smith
3. Transformation is a process (Ez. 37:9-14)
  – take your eyes off of your imperfection and on to Jesus
4. Transformation is continual (2 Cor. 3:18)