21 Day Fast, Jan 4, 2009

2 Tim. 3:1-7

James 5:1-8
 – As a Christian, I can become too comfortable with what I have, fasting can help me hear the voice of the needy

2 Peter 3:1-9
– We all need to be reminded
– The world has a lust problem and a scoffing problem
– Fast and pray to bring a new lust (strong desire) for God and a fresh hunger and thirst for God’s kingdom and God’s satisfaction
– v.5 People will fully forget the truths and they don’t feel accountable
– v.9 God’s patience is because He doesn’t want anyone to perish

Isa. 58:1-9
– Fasting with wrong intentions and for the wrong reasons doesn’t bring any change and doesn’t benefit
– Where’s the love, compassion, and fruit of true fasting?
– Take things you don’t use during the fast and give them away
– v. 8-9 What happens when you obey