A Blessed Life, Part 2, Sep 25, 2011

– in order to live a blessed life, I need to recognize that I am already blessed.
1. You’re a seed (Gen. 8:22) – coming to church is sowing a seed. I’m sowing into my future harvest.
– if I have a bad attitude toward something/someone, I’m sowing a bad seed.
– God, show me where to sow what You’ve already given me
– rock or sand? (Matt 7:21-27) – v.22: people had works, and knowledge of God, but the practice of their life didn’t please God and obey Him.
– how do I repsond to the Word of God? if I don’t obey, I’m building my house on the sand. A blessed person is one who acts on what the Word of God says. “Bess those who curse you…”
2. Blessed people refuse to trust in the strength of man or take matters into their own hands (Jer. 17:5-11) – blessing comes when I put my trust and confidence in God, not man (v.7)
3. Blessed people refuses to lean on their own understanding (Prov. 3:5-10) – in John, Jesus washes His disciple’s feet and He tells us to do the same.