A Blessed Life, Part 5, Oct 23, 2011

Acts 20:31-35, Deut. 28:1-20
– do you want to live a more blessed life? Be generous with more than just your money, but with your love, kindness, patience, and everything God’s given you.

Truths about New Testament giving – 2 Cor. 8:1-14
– it’s a grace (v.1-6)
– it can be exercised during poverty (v.2)
– it’s a form of fellowship (v.4)
– it should be proceeded by the dedication of self (v.5)

Purposes in giving
– to abound in all aspects of Christian experience (v.7)
– to prove the reality of one’s love (v.8)
– to imitate Christ (v.9)
– to help meet the needs of others (v.14)

Blessed life people:
1. start with the first fruit tithe (Jesus affirmed tithe and said it should not be neglected) Matt. 23:23, 6:24 – Tithing also helps defeat the control of money over your life.
2. give generously (Prov. 11:24-25, 2 Cor. 6:6)
3. give freely (Matt. 10:8, Luke 6:38)
4. give cheerfully (2 Cor. 9:7)
5. give sacrificially (2 Sam. 24:24, 23:13-17)