A Blessed Life, Sep 18, 2011

Why does God want to bless us?
1. To make us a blessing (Gen. 12:1-3, Rev. 5:9-10)
  – I am blessed to be a blessing, giver, etc.
  – to get the blessing may requires a leaving (Ps. 119:115)
  – we’re contantly sowing in our life and so we need to sow what we want to reap.
2. God wants to establish His covanent in your life (Deut. 8:1-20)
  – v.17, avoid spiritual pride and forgetting God in your blessings. Why? v.18
  – all our ability to do things is from God to bless our lives so we can bless other4s
  – v.19-20, warning – pride is the greatest danger in the christian life. Satan fell due to pride
  – the pride of face is obnoxious, the pride of race is fulgar, but the worst pride is the pride of grace
  – pride will remove the blessing quicker than anything.