A Christmas Focus “One Thing”, Dec 2, 2007

A Christmas Focus “One Thing” (Psalms 27)

– Purity of heart . . . to desire one thing
– Lord, help me to get re-focused on the important reason for Christmas

1. David sought the one thing (Ps. 27:4)
  – to be in the presence of God
  – it’s there that I get perspective and re-focused (re-callibrated)

2. Moses wouldn’t go without it (Exodus 33:15)
  – God, if you’re not with me, I don’t want to go there: job offer, marry that person, teach another class, etc.

3. John the baptist understood it (John 3:30)

4. Mary chose it (Luke 10:42)
  – There’s always going to be stuff to do, but when God is in my presence, I choose to be at his feet.

5. A blind man experienced it (John 9:25)
  – God’s presence is to be experienced
  – Am I experiencing God? I need to desire it.

6. Paul persued it (Phil. 3:13-14)
  – Is God above all that I desire?
  – Christmas is nothing without Christ

7. A richman refused it (Mark 10:21-22)
  – Is God against riches? Absolutely not. Look at the Abraham and Job
  – God is after what’s holding me back from Him.