A Grateful Life, Part 2, Dec 8, 2013

– if there is one sin that is most prevalent today, it’s the sin of ingratitude
– gratitude is a spirit of thankfulness, of praise, of appreciation
– attitude – is a settled way or pattern of thinking
– servanthood and entitlement are both attitudes
1 Thess. 5:14-19, Phil. 4:4-9
– gratitude is possibly the greatest of all attitudes
– when you are grounded in gratitude, it affects positively all your other attitudes
– gratitude puts your focus on what you have – not on what you don’t have
– regret stops the flow of gratitude
– cultivate thankfulness (Col. 3:12-17) – a grateful/thankful heart must be cultivated
– steps to cultivate a grateful attitude:
1. fight familiarity – it causes leaks in the gratitude bucket
2. remember what you have – never let the things you want keep you from forgetting what you have
3. fill your conversations with words of gratitude – lead your feelinds with your words, many negative feelings are based in lies
Ps. 50:23, Matt. 16:26