Aligning With The Heart of God, Jan 9, 2011

It’s time for alignment
– wanting to do something is NOT the same as actually doing something
– is God really my everything? If so, then why am I so afraid to let go or trust Him with somethings?

Hosea 7:8-11
– we mix with unbelief and we didn’t even notice it
– we’ll turn to other things
– you can’t be frustrated over things you allow and can control

Ways we deny the heart of God (1 Cor. 13:4-6)
– God says, “You deny My love when you’re impatient” being impatient is hurtful to others and denies God’s love
– every time I’m unkind, I’m denying the love of God to others and to me
– we’re denying God’s love when we’re envious
Rom. 5:5 – we quench the Holy Spirit when we deny the love of God
– when we’re boastful and proud, we’re denying the love of God
– pride blocks me from seeing myself as I really am
– love is not rude – we’re denying God’s love when we’re rude
– we must rid ourselves of the things love is not (v. 4-6)
– God is my everything
– when we’re selfish we’re denying God’s love
– when we get angry easily, we’re denying God’s love