Authority Issues, Brandon Stewart, March 30, 2014

1 Sam. 26:7-11, 23-24
Romans 13:1
– God places authority figures over us in life, but how we respond to them determines if they can lead us
– If I’m going to get over what God has placed under me, I must first get under what God has placed over me
1. Honoring authority provides the ultimate protection
2. Honoring authority provides a higher perspective
  – the day you realize that your perspective and natural instinct isn’t reliable is the day you will welcome higher perspective into your life
3. Honoring authority accelerates my maturity
  – God wants to put you and I through character school and He does it through submission to Godly authority
  – loyalty isn’t tested until you disagree
4. Honoring authority gives me a heightened sense of uniqueness
  – I find myself MORE free and MORE gifted when submitted to authority
  – when your aim is to honor God and godly authority, you will become who he wants you to be. When your aim is to please others or yourself, you will become who they want you to be