Being a Kingdom-Minded Church Member, Oct 17, 2010

Matt 4:17, Mark 1:14-15
Repent – to consider in advance, to change one’s mind, attitude
– repenting, renewing of our mind is a daily thing
Deut. 6:3 – I have a promised land for me to inherit
  – place where I’m naturally graceful and fruitful
  – place where love and pain intersect
  – place where I’m “compelled” to intervene and improve the situation

Key questions: What do I love and enjoy doing? What’s my passion? What makes me angry or frustrated?

Kingdom mindset: before we can rule in our promised land, we must be ruled by the Kingdom of God
– God is on the side of those who walk on Kingdom principles
– we must embody the king

Christ’s Kingdom: His nature in me, His rule in and through me
Matt 6:33 nkjv, ylt, msg
– when the church neglects the great commission, it falls into church-mindedness

1. in-fighting – Matt 5:13-16 (too much salt in one place is toxic), hidden light diminishes, unused salt looses its taste
2. ego-centric leadership (Matt 23)
3. ego-centric followers – church is supposed to meet my own needs first
4. size focused – pride and superiority congregation instead of Christ (fight this by developing a church that understands its significance is based on how it affects society
5. lack of purpose – interact with society wtihout changing it
6. teaching fragmented truths (John 8:31-32 – we are to declare truth in love)

1. lead by serving
2. attributes are repentance and love