Beyond Our Ability, Guest Speaker Lee Burns, Dec 15, 2013

– God can call you out on what man created
Matt. 14:25-33
1. take courage – take it because it’s not in you, fear is
  – it’s when you step into incertainty that you grow in faith
2. step forward – we have to take one small step at a time
  – what is it that Jesus is calling you to step out and step into?
  – even when Peter took his eyes off Jesus, Jesus never took His eyes off of Peter
3. stay focused
  – your going to have moments in your walk where you begin to sink a little but you can cry out to Jesus and immediately He’ll pull you up and get you back on to what it is He’s called you to do
  – it’s amazing how God will use you if you allow Him
  – God uses our storms as His path to reach us, and if we cry out to Him, He’ll be there