Beyond, Rev. Jimmie Bratcher, Jan 29, 2012

Genesis 50:22
– the back-story of Joseph’s experience
– there’s a huge difference between trying to be a believer and just being a believer
– beyond: the past, the offense, the pain, the judgement or justification of revenge or defense, the emotions. As a family, they had to make the decision that things would be different. That they would move beyond.
– we live in a world of whiners – Get Over It
Tools For Getting “Beyond”
1. Forgive – it’s not optiona, it’s a command (Matt. 6:16, John 20:23)
  – unforgiveness causes us to retain the pain of the past
  – it accomplishes nothing
  – forgiveness is to cut loose the pain of the past and give your whole life to the love of Jesus
2. Forget (Phil. 3:13) – there are things ahead of us, that if we don’t forget the past, we’ll never be able to enjoy the life or the family God has planned for us.
3. Press On (Phil. 3:13-14, John 20:23, Ps. 45:1)
  – it’s possible for your life to be so full of regret, guilt, unforgiveness, and shame, that there’s no capacity for us to really grab a hold of and experience not only the present but have vision for the future. We’ve got to get beyond those hurts because there’s something greater at stake.
  – I refuse to let my failures of my past control my future.
4. Looking Back (Gen. 50:20)
  – because the past is real, then how do we view it? The same way Joseph did. We see the good and not the bad. We see the promise and not the pain, we see the family together, whole and enjoying life.
  – Joseph and his brothers, and their families, got beyond their past.
  – discontentment gets us stuck being held back. Godliness with contentment is great gain (1 Tim. 6:6)
  – our families and home is a big deal. Don’t take it for granted.
  – learn how to release things like God forgives and forgets our sins