Bring Honor Back, Apr 10, 2011

Mal. 1:6-13 – they’re offering less than the best to God.
– (v.9) God’s giving them a chance to turn around
– we need sombody today to stand up
– honor: to heap, to make heavy, causes everything to elevate, honor in the work place lifts everyone up
– dishonor: to treat something as common, causing everything around it to deteriorate, pulls everything down, devalue and disrespect
Rom. 12:10, Eph. 6:1-4

3 truths about honor:
1. the level of honor: you praise, protect, and prioritize what you honor
2. the amount of honor you receive is proportional to the amount of honor you give to others
3. honor is about what you decide, not what they deserve

– God says – return to Me and honor Me, restart with Me
– order affects outcome
– push back against the tendency to dishonor