Bring Honor Back, Part 2, Apr 17, 2011

Mal. 1:6-13
– need to be intentional in giving honor. Honor is your ally and friend. It’ll take your life to a whole new level
– a lesson from the life of David and Saul (1 Sam. 18-26)
– Saul became intensely jealous of David
– Jealousy:
  – will contribute to the downward spiral of dishonor
  – will make you feel threatened; it will cause you to think things of people you really don’t know anything about
  – will make you be against people for no valid reason
1 Sam. 26:1-25

3 steps we can take to bring back the honor:
1. We can honor forward
  – this is honoring first. It’s a mindset.
2. Honor with no strings attached
  – this is honor with no ulterior motive
3. Honor in agreement and disagreement
  – pass on the opportunity to criticize
  – we bite our tongue and we say there is a higher way
  – we must stop finding fault as if we are going to get a reward for it
  – stop cursing the darkness and light a candle
  – learn to disagree without dishonoring
  – you don’t accomplish anything positive when you disagree in a dishonoring way