Change, Dr. Terry Crist, July 8, 2012

– the challenge of accepting change when change just doesn’t feel natural
Matt 9:14-17 – Jesus challenged the people of the time to change, but they resisted
Matt. 21:23 – the people challenged Jesus’ authority to make change
– the hope of our future generations rests on our ability to become agents of change in our world
– change for the sake of following Jesus
1. Change is emotional (Matt. 9:15)
  – there’s nothing like change to stir up the emotions of people and get their attention
  – God uses change to awaken us to new opportunities in life
  – sometimes it takes discipline to handle the change in our life
2. Change is personal (Matt. 9:16)
  – clothing is personal
  – change leads to transformation
  – change changes us
  – change can be powerful if we find Jesus in teh change
  – to resist change is to resist growth
3. Change is inevitable (Isa. 42:8-9)
  – before change comes, God reminds me who Hes is and conditions me for the change
– Three essential attitudes:
  1. blessed are the flexible for they shall not break
  2. blessed are the forgetful for they will not get stuck (Phil. 3:13-14)
  3. blessed are the faithful for they will be rewarded (Prov. 28:20)
  – there is a harvest coming
– follow Jesus through change and He will provide the harvest
– don’t be afraid to move the couch because new realities rarely fit old constraints