Chasing Lions, Pastor Jonathon O’Reilly, April 6, 2014

– 1 Sam. 23:20-21
– we serve a God who wants to do the impossible through us
1. sometimes we end up in a pit (of fear, insecurity, shame)
  – if you get comfortable in the pit, you might not want to get out
  – you can’t let the pit keep you from moving forward
2. sometimes it snows
  – God isn’t moved by the snow
  – John 16:33
  – on the snowy days, we find out what we’re made of
3. sometimes we run into lions
  – how do we respond
  – the same thing with sin – we need to stop and run to Jesus
  – purpose is what gives us breath and motivation
  – Matt 16:18
  – sometimes God’s opportunities come disguised as insurmountable obstacles
  – Romans 8 – if God is for us, who can stand against us?
  – Isa. 40:28-31