Crash the Chatterbox Series, Part 1, March 22, 2015

Isaiah 55:1-3
Premise: the voice you believe will determine the future you experience
– overpower the lights of the enemy with the promises of God
8 areas:
1. Call/Response – everything you see started with something God said in creation. We want to hear Gods voice above all others. Gen. 1:1-3
– your life is determined by what you haer and what you speak. God gives us the ability to choose what we hear and say.
2. Enemy/In Me – Beware of no man more than yourself; we carry our worst enemies with us (Charles Spurgeon).
– No matter who you are or what things are around you. We have to learn to defy our inner critic.
– The Chatter box is always interpreting what you are hearing.
3. Dialogue/Destiny – The worst thing about the chatter box is the destiny that it keeps us from discovering.
– Lies create limitations.  The limitations you embrace will keep you from seeing the destiny you were created for. Gen. 3:1-5
– You get to choose who you listen to – Luke 8:18
4. Deception/Distortion – “Did God really say?” – the enemy takes something God says and distorts it just a little bit in orer to deceive you. The enemy will distort what you did and try to convince you that is who you are.
5. Premise/Promise – your thoughts are to your soul what food is to your body (Matt. 4:1-4).
– Let God’s promise be your premise.
6. Consume/Consumed – you choose the thoughts that you consume and then they consume you.
– If the enemy can get you to consume the things you were never meant to eat then he can get them to dominate you in your heart.
7. Detection/Defense – the thing that makes deception effective in your life is when it goes undetected
8. Whatever/Whatever – as you walk through life, there is going to be chatter – you get to choose what you listen to (Phil. 4:8-9)