Crash the Chatterbox Series, Part 3, 11am, April 12, 2015

Acts 27:9-11
Three Things we can learn when we find ourselves in a storm:
1. Steer by the Spirit, not by your senses. (1 Cor. 2:11-16, Acts 27:14,16-22)
2. Fix your Focus and Keep up Your Courage (Acts 27:23-25)
– I know who I am and whose I am! He is a 360 degree God – omnidirectional
– My focus is not on the storm I see right now!  My focus is on the future God has promised me!
– If you feed your fears they will eat you alive.
– Sometimes you cannot fix the Situation.  All you can fix is your focus! (Ps. 27:13)
– Your fear is powered by your focus!  Your faith is powered by your focus!
– Acts 27:41-44
– You are going to make it.  It just might not be the way you imagined!
– My faith is not in how it will happen! My faith is in the God who said it will!
– You can make it if your faith is not in the boat!
– Acts 28:1-5
3. Shake the snake and feed the Fire (2 Tim. 1:6-7)
– There is so much power in you that you can get bit but still not be stopped!
– Any time you start pursuing God with a passion do not be surprised if something rises up to bite you.  Shake it off and do not let it stop you!!!