Crash the Chatterbox Series, Part 4, April 19, 2015

You can’t Make me Ashamed!
Luke 22:54-62, Revelations 12:10-11
God wants to teach us to triumph over our accuser
John 14:26
We have an Accuser who is shaming God’s servants
We have an Advocate who is defending God’s children
The 3 P’s of Shame:
1. Personal – “What’s wrong with me?”
2. Permanent – “I always mess up”
3. Pervasive – I always mess up everything
Shame is the fuel of relapse
The Accuser will always remind you of your shame and the Advocate will remind you of your righteousness in Jesus Christ!
Luke 21:31-32
Simon means “shifty one” but I am calling you Peter “the rock”
Even if you fail, do not let your faith fail
What He has done for us stands greater than the sin and shame that stands against us