Debt Free and Walking in the Light, Dec 29, 2013

– Romans 13:1-14
– we will never be free of the debt of love
– to walk in love is to walk in the light
– Psalm 119:105
– Paul says we are to walk in light, we are to put off:
1. Komos – translated revelry – late night carousing, partying
2. Methe – translated drunkenness, intoxication
3. Koite – the idea behind the word for lewdness is “the desire for a forbidden bed.” It dexcribes the person who sets no value on sexual purity and fidelity
4. Aselgiea – lust has the idea of a man who is lost to shame. They no longer care what people think and flaunt their sin openly, even proudly.
5. Eris – translated strife: contention, wrangling
6. Zelos – translated envy: excitement of mind, fervor of spirit, the fierceness of indignation, punitive zeal an envious and contentious rivalry, jealousy
– jealousy is: “standing at the bottom o fthe mountain saying it is not fair that you are at the top”
– envy: “says not only is it not fair you are at the top of the mountain since I cannot be then you are not going to be either.”