Devoted to Prayer, Part 3, Feb 10, 2013

Col. 4:12
– A – Alone and Assembled
  – being devoted to prayer means you’ll regularly pray alone and in teh assembly of others
  – is assembled prayer part of your life? Do you gather with at least one other person to pray on a regular basis?
  – be alert to what God puts on your heart about who to pray with and when
  – Acts 1:14, 12:12
– D = Desparate and Delighted
– E = Explosive and Extended (both short and long)
  – be intentional about extended prayer
– S = Spontaneous and Scheduled
  – scheduled planning and practice allows for spontaneity
  – if we are devoted to prayer, we will pray spontaneously through the day without ceasing
  – The true rich fruit of spontaneity grows in the garden that is well tended by the discipline of schedule.
– whatever you give yourself to, that’s what you’ll become strong in