Dream and Dream Again, Pastor Shane Baxter, April 24, 2016

– Gen 46:28-30
– you can trust God.
– things aren’t always as the seem
– we see and dwell in the natural, God sees and dwells in the supernatural
– Gen 37:5-11 – one night Joseph had a dream
– your dreams will get you in trouble with some but your dreams will bring salvation to many
– dream and dream again
– Joseph’s dreams were not possible in the natural and were conceived by the Holy Spirit
– when you know something is of God, guard and protect it
– am I going to be governed by what I see or by what God says?
– don’t allow your emotions and feelings to lead and direct you and becom the compass of your soul
– in the tough times before the dream is fulfilled, remember that no weapon formed against you will prosper – greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world
– going to need to overcome some things between the dream and the fulfillment of the dream
1. overcome disappointment
  – drop your disappointments at the alter of God – at the door as you walk out
  – Prov. 23:18
  – I’m not going to allow my disappointment to ruin my dreams
  – overcome the spirit of disappointment and depression
  – saying “get over your disappointment” isn’t harsh – it’s helpful
2. overcome temptation
  – being tempted is human, not sin
  – 1 Cor. 10:13 – make a decision to overcome temptation
  – a way out is spelled “R-U-N”
  – you’ve got to know when to run
  – Gen. 39:12
  – 2 Tim 2:22 – not that it’s not saying just “young people”, but every person
3. overcome selfishness