Drop Your Camera, Lend a Hand, June 5, 2011

– the problem with pictures is that you see things from a distance
– can’t experience what’s in a picture
– quit looking at life from a safe distance, like through a camera
James 1:19-27 (let your defenses down v.19)
– true faith is demonstrated in how you live your life.
– v. 22 do what the Bible says, put down your camera/excuse for not obeying God

Personal reflections:
– faith without works is dead (who’s in charge of your life? Fear or God?)
– everyone is a minister (1 Perter 4:10) – there is no unemployment in the Kingdom of God. Just serve with what you have right now.
– am I numb to the warnings? Especially the warnings about your life from God?
– am I truly working for what matters? Luke 12:13-21 (am I working hard for something that can turn to rubble in a second?)
– ministry of Jesus is not that complicated (Acts 10:38)