Faint Not, Feb 17, 2013

Luke 18:1-8, Isa. 40:28-31, Prov. 24:10
– “faint” – to become feeble, idle, or lazy; to lack stamina
– it’s not wrong to feel faint, it makes you human
– we need strength when adversity comes
– individuals being obedient to God makes a huge affect in the world
– there’s no generation gap, but there is an experience gap
– examples of people that didn’t quit: Walt Disney, Henry Ford, R.H. Macy, F.W. Woolworth, Soichiro Honda, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, etc.
– when a Christian faints – at least three things take place:
  1. they become spiritually weak – the least little things detour them
  2. there is darkness
  3. there is a losing touch with reality
– when you find yourself faint, 
  1. find someone to lean on:
    – the Lord (Isa. 40:31, Job 2:7)
    – saints (God’s people will pray for you and hold you up)
    – family (they will stand by you when others won’t)
    – friends
  2. sit down for a while (rest in God)
  3. get a drink – drink deeply from the Word of God
  4. get some fresh air. Ask the Holy Spirit to breathe over your soul (Ps. 61:1-8)