Fathers Show Up, June 16, 2013

Deut. 6:4-5
– 24 million children in America – on out of three – live in biological father-absent homes
– Father factor – in poverty, in emotional and behavioral problems, in maternal and child health, in incarceration, in crime, in teen pregnancy and sexual activity, in child abuse, in childhood obesity, in education.
– three “super powers” every man has:
  1. the super power of example – “you are important to me – so I’m here.” Example is a statement declared by our actions.
  2. the super power of safety – a strong man is a safe man. He is safe to be with, safe to talk to, and safe to trust. True strength means that your contribution brings strength to the lives of others.
  3. the super power of faith – did you know that when both parents attend church regularly with their children, then 72% of the children will remain faithful to attend church? When dad attends with their children 55% remain faithful; when mom attends with their children 15% remain faithful to attending church regularly. When neither parent attends church, only 6% remain faithful.
– when fathers are absent, negative things happen. Children go searching for love in the wrong places
– bad things heppen when dads don’t show up, but really, really good things happen when dads do show up
– every man wants to be a hero to someone.