Finding Refuge in the name of the Lord, Mar 30, 2008

Finding Refuge, in the name of the Lord
Ps. 20:1-9
Prov. 18:10
Ps. 115:1-8

We become like we worship (Ps. 115:8)
– ideas hav ocnsequences, both individual and collective
– and how you view will become what you worship
Ps. 113:3 – the Lord’s name is to be praised
Ps. 124:8 – help comes in the name of the Lord
Mal. 3:16

Various names of God reveal His identity and character
– 1 Sam. 25:5 – name reflects character
– who is God to me?
– God knows us by our name, shouldn’t we know Him by His name?
– I need character to flow through me