Finding Rest For Your Soul Pt 2, Sep. 16, 2007

Hebrews 3-4

– I need a will that’s subjected to God so I can find peace for my soul
-Emotions: I find rest in Jesus


* Partake of salvation (fix my eyes on Jesus) (3:1)
  – take every thought captive

* Hold fast to confidence (v.6)
  – the enemy lives to dis-courage me so it’s important to have and be an en-couragement

* Hold fast to rejoicing and hope (anchored in hope)
  – if I feel like I’m in a free fall, go ahead and let go because God will catch me in His hands.

* Learn to hear His voice (v.7, 15)
  – God has thoughts for me. Ps.139

* Do not harden my heart or become stubborn (v.8)
  – from people offending me or rude
  – signs of a hardened heart: if I’m critical, hyper-sensitive, controlling, or can’t take correction
  – don’t test God (like saying, “God, if You’re real, than do this…”
  – don’t go astray (it’s easy to wander away with the next new fad)

* Become familiar with God’s ways (v.10; Prov. 14:10)