Finding Rest For Your Soul Pt 3, Sep. 23, 2007

Hebrews 3-4

1. Worries and cares of this world can choke out God. So if I’m to have a sense of rest, I need to fix my eyes on God and take on His perspective.

2. Hold fast to confidence and hope (confident expectation)
  – not only is God in my hands, but I’m in God’s hands

3. Learning to hear the voice of God (v.7)
  – some things are only said by God in the mornings
  – some things are only said by God in the evenings
  – it takes time and training to hear God’s voice

4. Don’t harden my heart (v.8)
  – I have to pay attention to my heart
  – don’t hold disappointment

5. I must become familiar with God’s ways
  – pray for my enemies
  – God’s ways are not your ways (Isa. 55:8)
  – when I’m upset, start singing and worship. Just sit and wait on God.

6. I must become aware/alert of annoyances and hardships (v.12-13)
  – joysuckers are people that suck the joy out of me
  – be aweare of the subtlety of unbelief
 – be aware of my faith getting a little bit weak

7. Obedience (v.18, 4:11)
  – if I don’t obey God, I won’t enter into His rest

8. Faith (4:2)

9. Come boldly to the throne of grace (4.16)