Freed by Truth, Part 4, Mar 16, 2014

Ps. 51:6
– the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom
John 8:31-34, 1 Thess, 5:23-24
– some truths that help keep me free and walking in peace:
– relinquishment: I can give someone up without giving up on them
– I respect boundaries: What is my responsibility “to” this person? Am I responsible in any way “for” them?
– I am not responsible for the choices adults make (but I can suffer the consequences of their decisions
– true brokenness has no demans
– I am only a part, I prophesy in part, I see in part
– I am not the Savior,I can only point to Him
– I can’t do everything and I am not called to do everything
– I can do for the one what I can’t do for the many
– unspoken expectations minus reality equal relational disaster
– yesterday is gone; tomorrow is not here; in this present moment I accept myself as God accepts me
– I am who I am by the grace of God. I am fearfully and wonderfully made and God has not called me to compare my life to someone else.
– rest glorifies God and is His gift to me
– work glorifies God and is His gift to me
– play glorifies God and is His gift to me
– all of my life can be worship to God
– only God can complete me and other complement me
– as God is to me, I am to be to others
– if God doesn’t build the house I labor in vain, if God doesn’t watch – I watch in vain and apart from Jesus I am nothing