From Comfortable to Committed, Aug 15, 2010

Amos 6:1-2
– all Israel wanted was the easy way of life
– a crossless Christianity isn’t a Christianity

There are good rests:
Matt 11:28-29 – Jesus says that rest is important
Heb. 4:9-11 – there is a rest that awaits the children of God
Rev. 4:9-11 – a rest in heaven

Sinful rest is connected to laziness, indulgent, and indifference (like not doing something because “it’s not my gift” or “it’s not my passion”)

Israel’s sinful ease was shown:
– Presumption
– Procrastination
– Cruelty of men (allowed violence to come near)
– Love of self (Amos 6:4-6)
– Carelessness – people suffering were being neglected

Luke 12:16-21 – God knows our belief systems and our thoughts. If you believe a lie, you can’t believe the truth.

The early church was committed with their lives (Acts 2:42-47)
– ref. the article “The Glory of Plodding” by Kevin DeYoung (

How do we move from the comfortable to the committed?
1. Commit to preaching daily (to proclaim boldly) – commit to boldness, bold living

2. Commit to love radically

3. Commit to serve sacrificially (it’s not about convenience)

4. Commit to give extravagantly