From Comfortable to Committed, Part 2, Aug 29, 2010

Daniel “God is my judge”
Daniel 1:1-16

Words that describe commitment:
1. Alone – “no man stood with me, but the Lord” Paul
2. Consecration, Risk – on the edge
3. Focus – consumed by someone who has captured your attention and you do not sway or swerve
4. Surrender – the seed dies, letting go – letting God
5. Costly – willing to pay the rpice
6. Convictions – willing to live for and die for values
7. Persistence – tenacity, holding power
8. Peace

The challenge: Draw three lines of commitment
1. Draw the line of resistance (Daniel 1:8)
– decided early in life to train and constrain his appetites
– decided early in life to resist the wining and dining of the king
2. Draw the line of dependence – on God (Daniel 2:14-19)
– not on position or power gained by achievement
– not on books, intellectualism, academia
-not on what you have learned or know
– but with a fulfilled life based on
  – dependence on God’s revelation
  – dependency on the Holy Spirit
  – dependency on the wisdom of God
  – dependency on the closeness of God
3. Draw the line of confidence – on God (Daniel 3:16-18)

Reactions of the world when they see your commitment (Daniel 3:12-15)
– they will notice you not bowing (v.12)
– they will get mad (v.13)
– they will question your commitment (v.14)
– they will test it (v.15)

“I will not bend my knee even if “apparently” it seems as if God didn’t deliver me. I really don’t care. My confidence is in God!”