From Comfortable to Committed, Part 3, Sep 5, 2010

Heb. 12:12-16 God calls us to be a healer, and a peace maker. The root of bitterness, causes everything around it to be influenced in a wicked way. If you have resent in you, there’s bitterness.

Crossroads in your commitment
Dan 3:12-15

Things at issue:
– do we believe this enough to die for it? Can God deliver us?
– what would it hurt to bow down just one time?
– security is at stake
– identity: who am I? What is this going to do for me?
– popularity: what is everybody else going to say?

Four characteristics of crossroads:
– a personal decision must be made
– the decision will always cost you something – possibly friendship
– others will be influenced by it (“you may make it alone, walk it alone, but you never make a major commitment that doesn’t influence or affect others”)
– a place where God comes closest to us (Daniel 3:15)

Concept #1: our God is able (v.17)
Concept #2: God expects us to do right, regardless of teh consequences, even if you touch us and we go up in smoke (v.18)

Three results of commitment:
1. You will be tried and tested (Dan. 3:19-23)
2. God will be glorified (Dan. 3:24-29)
  – no commitment, no power
  – no commitment, no miracles
  – no commitment, no annointing
  – “there is a relationship between our ability to die for God and His willingness to deliver us”
3. God will bless our lives (Dan. 3:30)

“You can choose your choices, but you don’t have the luxury of choosing your consequences”
“It is at the crossroads of life that we either confirm or compromise our commitment to God.”