From Comfortable to Committed, Part 4, Sep 12, 2010

From Comfortable to Committed, Part 4
Developing Commitment

– are we only commited to God when a crisis occurs?

6 things to understand:
1. it usually springs out of a struggle
  – these 4 men were castrated, victims, and still chose to follow Jesus

2. it’s a result of choice, not condition

3. starts with the little things – daniel starts by no eating the king’s food
  – Jesus said if you aren’t faithful in the little things, you won’t be faithful in the big things
  – king David started out with small compromises before committing adultery and murder
  – people fall into sin step by step (Samson and Delilah)
  – if you can’t stand up and say no to the kings food, you won’t say no to the idol

4. make your decision before it arises (Dan. 3:16)

5. trust in God (Dan. 3:28)
  – Nebuchadnezzar would never know about God if the 4 men wouldn’t trust God
6. you must be single-minded
  – whatever your mind is fixed on, you will drift in that direction
– I’m not just trying on God to see if he’s comfortable, I’m totally committed to God
– single-mindedness is not always popular or politically correct, but Jesus was single-minded