Giving Account, Part 3, Jan 15, 2012

Romans 14: 1-12
– everything I have is on load from God and I will give an account of how I’ve managed it.
– secret of contentment – Eccl. 6:9, Phil.4:12 – by nature, we tend to be discontent
4 Steps to Contentment:
1. Stop comparing yourself to others (2 Cor. 10:12) – we all have designer genes and we’re all unique
– America’s favorite sport is comparison
– Principles of contentment: I must learn to admire without having to acquire. I don’t have to own it in order to enjoy it (Ex. 20:17)
– coveting is the uncontrolled desire to acquire
– if you own something you can’t let go of, it actually owns you
– bring our desires under control of the Holy Spirit
2. Enjoy what you have (Eccl. 5:19) – God enjoys watching us enjoy what He’s given us
– what do I have now that I’m not enjoying?
– get rid of “when and then” thinking (when this happens, then I’ll be happy)
– it doesn’t cost anything to be happy
– two ways to have enough: work more and want less (1 Tim. 6:17-19)
– ways to be wealthy and not materialistic:
– don’t become proud of your wealth
– don’t put your hope in money
– use it to do good
– share it with others – giving is an antidote to materialism
– tithing is the starting point of honoring God in our giving and begins to break the grip of materialism on my life
3. Remember life is not about things – the greatest things in life are not things
4. Focus on what whill last forever – (2 Cor. 4:18)
– truth: I can’t have it all and I don’t need it all to be happy
– my satisfaction is not in what I have, but Whose I am and Who I belong to (Ps. 17:15)