God is . . . Good (Exploring the awesome nature of God, part 6) June 28, 2009

God is . . . Good
We need a renewal of our understanding and love for God

Ps. 119:68 – God is never running out of Himself
Gen. 1:31 – the goodness of God is seen in creation
Ps. 136:25; 33:5 – the goodness of God is everywhere
Ps. 145:9; Rom. 2:5; Titus 2:11; Hosea 3:5; Luke 2:14; Ps. 107:8; Nahum 1:7; Ps. 107:1; Ps. 31:19

1. The importance of the goodness of God (Ex. 22:19)

2. We cannot separate what is good from God (Ps. 16:2)
 – Matt 19:16-17 – no man is good
 – Ps. 14:1 – God is the source of everything that is good, God doesn’t withhold
 – anything that is truly good is from God

3. Man’s eternal destiny is determined by his decision as to how one can truly be good in God’s sight

4. Goodness of God is a character trait which applies to every other attribute (Rom. 8:28; Ps. 34:8; Rom. 2:4)

5. The goodness of God is a foundational truth that shapes our perspective towards God and His dealings with us in this life (Gen. 3:1-5)

6. What a good God forbids must be evil and what a good God commands must be good
 – as believers, we must learn to take every thought captive