God is . . . Holy (Exploring the awesome nature of God, part 2) May 24, 2009

Communicable attributes of God
 – something that can be transferred
 – God is merciful (talked about last week)

God is Holy
 – Isa. 6:1-7
 – Holiness – to be set apart, distictive, different, to be utterly pure, separated from sin

Examples of those that walked out being holy
 – Isa. 6 – majesty (v.1-2), worship (v.3-4), confession (v.5), cleansing (v.6-7)
 – when Isaiah saw God, he saw himself in comparison to God

Some responses to God’s Holiness:
– I’m not worthy to be used
– deep respect for who God is (Ex. 3:1-6)
– fear, lest we should displease the Lord (2 Sam. 6:6-7)

– when we grasp God’s holiness. . .
  – we will be moved to wholehearted worship
  – we will respond with wholehearted obedience
  – new respect for God