God is . . . Love (Exploring the awesome nature of God, part 7d) Aug 16, 2009

1 John 4:7-8, and 1 Cor. 13:1-8 (this is how God loves me)

The other 4 of the 8 things God’s love is not:

5. Does not seek its own
  – Rom. 12:10, Phil.2:4 – being an others centered person, not a self-centered person

6. Love is not provoked (in a sinful way)
  – Num. 20:1-12 – Moses was provoked
  – love is not provoked to anger and sin
  – thank God that we don’t provoke God

7. Thinks no evil
  – doesn’t store up the memory of any wrongs recieved
  – God doesn’t store up the memories of our wrongs so we are to follow His example
  – we are to let go of the hurt and let it scar as a reminder and a great story of redemption
  – if we don’t let go of the hurt, it remains an open wound and we’re not loving

8. Doesn’t rejoice in iniquity
  – don’t tell stories of others that puts them in a negative light