God is . . . Love (Exploring the awesome nature of God, part 7e) Aug 23, 2009

1 John 4:7-8 – we who are loved, let us love
– agape love – loves without changing
– no matter how we behave towards God, His love never changes toards us, He still has 1 Cor. 13, love for us

4 more things that love is (love’s sweet companions)

1. Love bears or covers all things
  – doesn’t proclaim the person’s slightest faults to the world

2. Love believe all things

3. Love hopes all things – a confident expectation

4. Love endures all things

to review, there’s:
– patience (bears all things)
– faith (believes all things)
– hope (hopes all things)
– perseverance (endures all things)

The best way to understand these is to see them in Jesus and replace the word “love” with “Jesus”